Lunatik Epik Aluminum Apple Watch Kit Review

If Apple’s 42mm Watch isn’t big enough or fierce enough then you must check out Lunatik’s Epik Aluminum band and enclosure. Epik transforms your Apple Watch into an even more sophisticated device with even more protection and even more “wow”.

The Epik features a machined Series 6000 aircraft grade aluminum enclosure that perfectly encapsulates the Apple Watch (sans wrist strap). Lunatik did a really fine job making all of Apple’s controls and sensors as accessible as ever. The charging port heart rate sensor makes the same contact with your charger and wrist. Lunatik’s tougher feat was definitely emulating the smoothness and accuracy of Watch’s crown….and they nailed it. There’s a large stainless steel crown overlayed on top of the regular crown. The same goes for the other button, it’s also stainless steel and works just as well.

Lunatik’s secret ingredient is that the enclosure is actually locked around Apple Watch with a couple of stainless steel screws. It makes a perfect seal with few seams and indications that it’s actually a case. The case isn’t just aesthetic, it actually provides a lot of protection. The watch is cushioned and the case is impact resistant and shock absorbing.

You’ll notice the band looks much more natural than aftermarket bands. This is because it latches seamlessly to the enclosure. It’s also just a really nice band. Our model is genuine brown leather with ultra suede. Lunatik also makes silicon sports bands and metal link bracelets. The band is adjustable and really comfortable. I find the leather/suede combo to be much more comfortable than Apple’s sports band and it won’t make your wrist sweat. There are two loops that the excess band slides into. It takes some getting used to these band holders and is one of the few less-than-perfect features.

The enclosure is two pieces with two screws. It’s really straight forward to apply, but it can take a couple attempts as it requires you to hold one screwdriver while you turn another screwdriver. The whole process takes a couple minutes and then that’s it. It’s locked on and you have yourself a new Apple Watch of sorts.

The Lunatik Epik Aluminum is exactly what I have been waiting for. I was underwhelmed with my Apple Watch and never really cared for the look or feel. This is mainly because I couldn’t find a band that I wanted to wear everyday (or one that was worth the money). I like big watches and even the 42mm Watch felt petite with the sports band. There’s ultimately no tradeoff with Epik. You’re left with a fully functional Apple Watch that’s now more durable, better protected, and arguably, even better looking. It’s also pretty lightweight. As a whole, you would imagine the watch to have considerably more heft. A couple weeks in, my only gripes are the band loops for the excess watch strap are a little tricky to work with, and there’s some slight fraying around the edges of the band.

The Lunatik Epik Apple Watch Kit starts at $139.95 with the silicon band. It’s $149.95 for the leather band models, and between $199.95 and $219.95 for the metal link models. It’s definitely a pricey accessory for Apple Watch, but could be very worth it. If you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch, it makes sense to buy the least expensive 42mm version for use with the Epik. With the Lunatik Epik it makes no difference if the watch is aluminum or stainless steel. The Epik even adds a nice buffer for the watch screen, so sapphire would be an unnecessary luxury. Lunatik Epik Aluminum Apple Watch Kit is currently available in black or silver aluminum with leather, silicon, or link bracelets from Lunatik.com.

The Good: Morphs Apple Watch into a brand new watch, Durable, Protective, Different color options and band options, Great usability, Lightweight

The Bad: Watch band loops can be tricky to work with, Slight freying along edges of band, Speaker can sound a tad muffled (but still pretty good)