Misfit Shine 2 Is More Accurate, Smaller Than the Original

The Misfit Shine, an early pioneer of the fashionable wearable, is getting a refresh this week. The Shine 2 is coming with improvements to both hardware and software, but still manages to shrink down the body — always a win when we’re talking about wearables.

The Shine 2 won’t do much different, but will do it a lot better. It’s the same disc-shaped piece of aluminum with twelve LED lights running around the rim instead of a screen. This time, that disc is even thinner — 8 mm at its thickest and 3.3 mm on the edges. Inside, a new three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis magnetometer will make tracking more accurate, while water resistance up to 50 meters will make the Shine 2 a good choice for swimmers. Battery life is still terrific at six months on a replaceable watch battery.

As before, the lights around the edge can tell time, act as smartphone notifications, and show progress towards your fitness goals. The Shine 2 will track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and light and deep sleep cycles. The Shine 2 also works with Misfit Link, a new feature announced earlier this year that allows Misfit devices to become remote controls for a number of other devices or services, like cameras or Spotify.

The Misfit Shine 2 is available directly from Misfit for $100 and will come in rose gold and carbon black. The Shine 2 will come with a sport band, clasp, and action clip — unfortunately, the size difference is big enough to make the new tracker incompatible with accessories made for the original Shine. Kind of a bummer, but we expect Misfit to pump out plenty of awesome accessories for the Shine 2 in the near future.