Nookiee’s Ghostbusters Sneakers Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Stantz, Spengler, Venkman, and Zeddemore are about to tag out, with a new quartet ready to take over the ghostbusting business next summer. So, before it’s up to someone else to bravely cross the streams, Nookiee is paying homage with a huge series of limited edition Ghostbuster sneakers — they’re expensive, though, so try not to get them slimed.


The real prizes here are the four tan sneakers that take after the Ghostbusters’ business attire, each bearing the name of one of the four dude Ghostbusters (with lady Ghostbusters to come next year, we hope!). You can spring for one of the regular pairs, but there’s also a limited edition run of eight each that includes an embroidered production number and your name. For now, only the limited edition Stantz shoes are available for preorder.


If the worksuit sneakers aren’t doing it for you, there are black and white sneakers with the Ghostbusters logo and one very, very loud pair with a surging Gozer on them. I’d say they’ll definitely get you noticed, but considering that these sneakers look like they’re giving the Stay Puft Man a run for his money in the puffiness department, I think that’s going to happen anyway.

The suit sneakers cost $100 each, while the logo and Gozer sneakers come in at $120. The limited edition Stantz sneakers cost a pretty rough $448. All of those sneakers are available for preorder directly from Nookiee and will ship in January. We’re not sure about the other three Ghostbusters’ limited edition sneakers, but we’re guessing they’ll appear soon.



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