22 of the Geekiest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

The ugly Christmas sweater is a holiday tradition that transcends denominations — if we can’t all be unified in glorious tackiness, there really is no hope for us. And, because the holiday season is all about hope, we’re going to deliver enough ugly, geeky sweaters to last you almost the entire month of December up until the big day. Think of us as your nerdy, badly dressed Santa Claus with a sack full of ideas of questionable taste.

3D Christmas Sweater with Stuffed Moose


Let’s start with this awesome 3D Christmas sweater. And when we say 3D, we mean that it’s literally made in 3D – no glasses required. Fortunately, no real moose were hurt in the production of this sweater. You can pick it up for $68.

Doctor Who His & Hers 2-Pack


You knew you weren’t getting out of this without a Doctor Who sweater. Turns out, you can get a two-pack! The TARDIS ugly sweater is pretty rote, but swapping in Weeping Angels for the traditional, kinder and gentler holiday sort is a nice touch on the other one. The awkwardly stitched ‘Don’t blink’ on the bottom border should make that second sweater a strong challenger on the competitive ugly sweater circuit.

Star Trek


If it were any other year, we’d have this one as leader in the clubhouse, but Trump is just polling too strong right now. This sweater is like the bad photoshop of ugly Christmas sweaters, making it a timely commentary on the state of bad taste! The photo of Spock (with background still there, in a fantastic touch) with the Santa hat sitting on top is terrific, and the awkwardly stitched on ‘Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself’ really goes a long way in making this sweater eyesore perfection. And we haven’t mentioned the garland or the ornaments! Very strong effort.

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