This App Creates Personalized Cosmetics for You in Minutes

We’ve seen plenty of apps that scan your skin tone to find matching cosmetics, nail polish, or hair dye, but MATCHCo takes it to another level. Not only will their app scan your skin tone, it’ll be able to analyze the data received and put in an order for custom-made cosmetics.


The app uses the rear camera of a smartphone to scan your face, which is a step-by-step process that takes only a few minutes to complete. Normally, this would be where the app would spit out a bunch of suggested existing products. Instead, MATCHCo gets to work analyzing the data received from your face so they can make product that fits you perfectly — they’ll even put your name on the bottle! For now, they have a makeup product called My Perfect Complexion that can moisturize, act as a primer, and provide color coverage. It’s also stocked with antioxidants, for a little extra boost to your skin’s health.

There’s no limit to how many times you can scan yourself, so when the sun comes back out and you start getting your tan back, you can just rescan your face and order a new batch of customized makeup that will suit your skin tone at that time.

The app is free, but right now it’s only for iOS devices. Each 30 mL bottle of My Perfect Complexion costs $49 and can be purchased from the app.

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