Baymax Lamp Gets a Santa Makeover

Remember that Baymax LED lamp from March? Well, Baymax is stepping up his scarf game for the holidays, and he’s bringing a pretty good deal to the table. For the same price, Baymax is now coming with a scarf and a Santa hat, proving that you can’t put a price on the holiday spirit. Well, I guess you can. It’s $49.

This is the same lamp from earlier this year, so it’ll still have the five modes of use, most of which will help you go to sleep before the real Santa Claus (who may or may not be able to top Santa Baymax) comes by to drop off the goods. The light can be made to gently pulsate or fade in and out, or can be placed on a sleep timer. Brightness settings can be adjusted independently, with four levels available. And, like before, you can move Baymax’ head and arms around to make him look as excited as possible about the holiday season.

Again, terrific deal here — the Baymax LED lamp is still $49, but now you get both the Santa hat and the scarf. Nightlight Baymax is still being sold on Brando.