Beats Pill+ Review (2015) – Beats Just Blew Away The Competition

chipchickpick1Beats’ latest Pill is their best yet. The new Beats Pill+ is the company’s first speaker since Apple brought Beats into the family, and it’s clear that the fruits of this partnership have been juiced up and poured into the Pill+.

The design of the 8.5″ long Beats Pill+ is not a radical change from previous Pills, but one important distinction is that it comes with a Lightning cable in the box to charge the device — now it’s really part of the Apple family. This feels unusual when you consider that most Bluetooth speakers use a standard Micro USB cable for charging, but hey, now you have an extra Lightning cable to charge your iPhone.

There is also a convenient percentage battery light indicator on the base of the unit, along with dedicated playback buttons. The Pill still bears the iconic Beats logo that pulsates to indicate when the device is ready to pair.

In terms of audio quality, the Pill+ has come a long way since the first gen Pill. Beats has knocked this one out of the park, and that’s an incredible feat considering how much competition there is in the portable Bluetooth speaker market these days. Audio is balanced and beautiful, with vocals that shine,  instruments come through clear and distinctly, and bass and treble are both balanced perfectly. In general, all genres shine on the beats Pill+. Perhaps now that Beats is a part of Apple, Beats has been able to optimize and tune the Pill+ audio so that it’s perfectly tuned for the iPhone. We’re not used to such great sonics going from such small speakers.  Yet, despite being a petite little guy, it’s powerful enough to fill a pretty large room. We dare say that in terms of audio, this is the best portable Bluetooth speaker that we have tested to date.

Beats has come out with a special app that is used to take two Pill+ speakers and pair them together for stereo sound. This concept is not new — we’ve seen lots of other companies offer this feature with their Bluetooth speakers. That said, Beats has done a great job of implementing it. Stereo mode makes you feel like you have a much larger speaker system surrounding you by providing a much more dynamic audio experience. This mode really makes it difficult to believe that there are just two small portable speakers playing near you. As a matter of fact, Stereo mode is so good that it’s worth buying two Pills if you can. Stereo mode can be activated using the companion app, which offers two other modes — amplify and DJ. DJ lets you and a friend take turns controlling the Pills, while Amplify provides extra volume and power.

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