Hello Kitty Gets Her Own Instant Camera for Selfies, Complete With Mirror

She looks innocent enough, but make no mistake — Hello Kitty is all business. Now she’s angling to put Polaroid on the back foot with this sweet-faced instant camera that might not always take the cutest selfies, but will always put them in the cutest frames.

Hello Kitty is taking Fujifilm to the promised land this time, partnering up with the staid company to turn their Instax camera kit into something irresistible. Fujifilm Instax cameras are much the same as Polaroid instant cameras in practice, but print their pictures out on smaller photo paper. This Hello Kitty version is shaped like the queen feline with a matching pink and white color scheme. It’s a riff on one of Fujifilm’s newer models of camera, which helpfully come with a tiny mirror placed next to the lens for lining up selfies. After all, this is instant film — you don’t get the 100 or so tries you usually get with selfies.


Speaking of film, the pack of Instax film included with the camera is decorated with different Hello Kitty borders, mostly different-colored tartan patterns with Hello Kitty poking out from the bottom. Again, the pressure to not waste these sheets of instant film is considerable. Liberal use of the on-board selfie mirror is highly recommended.

The camera is powered by two AA batteries that are included in the box, because that’s how magnanimous Hello Kitty is. The kit also contains the camera, a shoulder strap, a pack of film, and a sticker sheet, which all comes out to $130. You can get the Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty Camera Kit now from Urban Outfitters.

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