Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe Coming to Irvine, California Later This Month

Well, it’s definitely not still summer, and it also doesn’t appear to be permanent, so we’re dangerously close to being disappointed after being promised our first United States Hello Kitty Cafe last year. But, like any good Hello Kitty fan, we’ll take what we can get — a pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe is coming to Irvine, California later this month, and while the pop-up part implies frustrating ephemerality, it sounds like it’ll be there long enough for you to find an excuse to make the trip.

Sometime in November, the pop-up cafe will open in the Irvine Spectrum Center, a large outdoor shopping mall. Proving that she can make anything cute, the Hello Kitty Cafe will be housed in the least adorable construct we can think of — a shipping container. The container will be painted pink but looks like it’ll go for a different look than the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck that has been making the rounds and recently made its first New York visit. The cafe will be painted to look like one, only with Hello Kitty’s Sanrio friends in the windows. It’ll have the same goods as its more mobile counterpart, though, including macarons, mini-cakes, doughnuts, and other baked Hello Kitty treats.

No word on how long the pop-up cafe will remain in the Spectrum Center, but word is it will be there into 2016.