JBL’s Everest Headphones Will Map Your Ear Canals

We first listened to the new JBL Everest headphones at IFA in September, where we celebrated the high-end Everest Elite 700 wireless over-ear headphones as one of our favorites at the show. At the time, launch was limited to Europe, but JBL is announcing today that the new line of wireless headphones and earphones will indeed be coming to the United States, and very soon.

Of course, to make a splash in the headphone market these days, you need to add more than Bluetooth connectivity. The high-end Elite 700 over-ear headphones and Elite 300 on-ear headphones both also have NXTGen active noise cancellation, which uses microphones to pick up ambient noise so the headphones can produce unnoticeable tones to cancel that background noise out. The NXTGen ANC technology grants more control, allowing users to adjust the amount of background noise that is allowed in, instead of the all-or-none functionality we see on most ANC headphones. Those two headphones also include Harman’s TruNote technology, which uses tones to map ear canals, tuning music according to everyone’s ear acoustics.

The line also includes the Everest 700, 300, and 100, which are over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones, respectively. Those are much cheaper and lack ANC and TruNote technology, but are all Bluetooth-compatible and should have around the same audio quality. They also won’t work with the My JBL Headphones app, which allows you to adjust equalizer settings — you’ll need one of the Elite headphones for that. Same goes for the auto-off feature, although that makes more sense — the Elite headphones will have more battery drain than the others because of ANC and TruNote, so they need something like an automatic off switch for when they’ve been laying dormant for a few minutes.

All five of the Everest headphones will be available sometime this month and will sell for between $100 and $300 online from JBL or Best Buy. If you want to check them out in-person first, the whole line will, at launch, be exclusive to best Buy stores.