Klio Transforms Traditional Living Room Art into a 4K Display

I’m not an art expert, but I’d imagine that the term ‘digital art’ encompasses a wide range of media. Klio is a new company with a platform they hope will encourage the explosion of a very particular kind of digital art — one that hangs on your wall like a painting, but is dynamic. They aren’t quite the living portraits in Hogwarts, but we’re getting there.

Klio is the combination of a device and a platform. The hardware end is something we’ve seen before — it’s a large 4k display, although it can be purchased with a number of tasteful frames that really cement it as a platform for decorative art. The 4k resolution is necessary to faithfully reproduce the real meat of Klio — the digital art, available on a platform enabling digital artists to create and sell their work on a marketplace.

The digital art being sold on the Klio platform is split into different categories, but in general, the art being sold springs from the idea of taking a static image and making it move and change over time. Sometimes, this can be a forest scene that changes along with the seasons. Other times, clocks that actually keep time, which ends up being a whole lot nicer to look at than a wall clock. It can be something as simple as a swordfighter’s robes flapping in the breeze or objects morphing into something new, then back again. The emphasis is on motion and change, and that can make for some very engaging visual art.

On the display, Klio has a small menu for art shopping and display, so you can cycle through the art you’ve purchased through the platform. You can also create playlists to automatically cycle through the art you’ve purchased, or hit a tab to learn more about the different kinds of digital art you’re browsing. But, if you don’t want to interrupt the art being displayed when you do all that, you can opt to do it all on your tablet instead with a free companion app.

Klio displays range from 41″ x 26″ x 3″ to 47″ x 31″ x 3″ and from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on what kind of frame you get. Purchase of a display also includes one free year of membership (regularly $10 per month) to Klio’s art subscription service, which includes a free batch of art to put on display. There will also be options to buy individual pieces of art, including limited edition pieces that can only be purchased and downloaded a set number of times. The companion app is available for free, currently only for iOS. Klio displays are currently available for preorder, with shipping scheduled for later this month.