New Monster ClarityHD Earbuds Combine Durability and a Low Price

For many in the market for new earbuds, cheap is the name of the game. Unfortunately, those cheap $15-$20 earbuds tend to break down pretty quickly, making them more expensive in the long run as you pay for replacements. Monster’s new ClarityHD earbuds aren’t quite that cheap, but they’re coming in at a fairly low price and providing enhanced durability that could make them worth a purchase for budget shoppers.

The ClarityHD earbuds come in wired and wireless Bluetooth models. Of the two major problems with cheap earbuds — frayed cables and blown-out drivers — the new Monster earbuds at least cover the latter, reinforcing the point where the cable meets the earbud with a rubberized coating. The earbuds have been made to be lightweight and conical, which Monster says helps keep them from popping out of your ears while you’re on the move — here’s hoping they’re right, because these earbuds don’t have the soft earhooks we see on a lot of exercise earphones. The construction also helps to block out more background noise.

The wireless version of the new ClarityHD earbuds have twice the battery life of previous generations, while the in-line remote has been strategically placed to land near the mouth when you need to make a call.

The Monster ClarityHD wired earbuds are available now in black, white, green, and pink for $50, while the wireless earbuds are available in black and white for $90. Both can be purchased online from Monster or in some electronics stores like Staples.

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