One Month With the Moto X Style Pure Edition – Review

chipchickpick1The original Moto X was a pioneer in a world of smartphones that all looked the same. The latest generation continues that trend by offering a plethora of customization options that allow each person to inject their own personality into the look of their smartphone. Heck, you can customize its backside with a choice of colorful silicone, leather or even wood! Speaking of unique customization options, Motorola recently announced a partnership with Jonathan Adler which includes three fun mod designs to choose from for your Moto X.

But, it’s not just the customization options on the Moto X Style Pure Edition that make it so impressive, it’s also the build quality. The latest generation is the best built Moto X to date. It’s super solid to grip thanks to a curved backside, and it also feels like it was made to last thanks to its tough aluminum frame.

Our biggest gripe with its predecessors were their cameras. Fortunately, Motorola has finally addressed that with an overhauled camera. That said, it’s still not the best camera on a smartphone out there — it struggles in low light conditions, but otherwise, it’s finally a really solid contender.

Running on a Snapdragon 808 processor and 3 GB of RAM, the latest Moto X Style may not be the fastest phone on the market either, but its performance is still great. And thanks to a nearly stock build of Android, the phone runs fast and fluid. Motorola has only added a few nice features to the UI, and they are all welcome ones.


Our biggest gripe with the Moto X Style Pure Edition is that its battery life is just average. Regardless, Motorola has nailed it again with the Moto X Style Pure Edition. Its latest flagship offers a ton of value and a really appealing price point that certainly undercuts the other big players. For $399 unlocked, you can’t go wrong putting this under the tree this holiday season.

The Moto X Style Pure Edition is an incredibly well rounded and well priced flagship phone that offers style to match.

The Good: More customization options than any other phone, much-improved camera, great performance, top notch build quality, nearly stock Android experience, sold unlocked, expandable memory, solid pricing, design offers a great ergonomic grip, phone gets 10 hours of life from a 15 minute TurboCharge, excellent display.

The Bad: Despite the 3,000 mAh battery the Moto X only lasts a full day.