25 Disney Princess Inspired High Heel Shoes

Standard black heels are the go-to for party dress pairing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to switch it up a bit with some Disney Princess-inspired high heels? These party-ready heels are the only ones you will want to leave your house in. The only thing missing is your prince to whisk you away to a ball fit for these babies!

The Little Mermaid (Swarovksi Style)


It’s always better under the sea — or in these intricate Ariel heels! Covered in Swarovski crystals and The Little Mermaid characters and locations, they’re quite the grown up take on your favorite childhood movie. These heels are available for $200 from Etsy seller WickedAddiction. ( Artist Credit)



Guys and girls alike will freeze in place when they catch you in these Frozen-inspired heels! They’re the perfect accessory for any ice princess. These heels are available for $50 from Etsy seller KalElle. (Artist credit).

Alice in Wonderland


You’ll be in Wonderland with these Alice-inspired heels! Now just tread carefully and watch out for rabbit holes. They’re available for $90 from Etsy seller AWhimsicalHoot.

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