This Case Transforms The 12-Inch MacBook Into a Toughbook

We usually associate Urban Armor Gear with great (if bulky) protective smartphone cases that can withstand drops and hold up to all kinds of inclement weather. They’re the cases that excel when gadgets need to go on adventures with you, but now it looks like they aren’t content to limit themselves to just smartphones and tablets. They’ve made a case for the new 12″ MacBook, and it looks every bit as heavy-duty as the rest of what UAG has to offer.

While this laptop case is lightweight, you wouldn’t know it from looking at it. You get big rubber bumpers around the sides of the MacBook, which protect it from drops and provide better grip when you’re toting it around sans bag. There’s also a shell on the back that provides weather resistance and extra protection from drops and shocks, while a Dual Lock screen closure ensures that the MacBook won’t pop open if it’s dropped, otherwise opening up the screen to damage. When closed and locked, the rubber bumper closes over the base and keyboard of the MacBook, ensuring all-around protection. The case kit includes a protective shield for the bottom of the MacBook, as well.

UAG’s MacBook case is available in black or silver for $80, and does meet military grade drop test standards. I’m not sure if the MacBook is your go-to adventure gadget, but if you’d like to go camping with it or want to use it to edit some action cam footage on site, it wouldn’t be a bad bit of protection to have. The only issue might be overheating, especially for a laptop that’s already notoriously prone to it without being covered by any cases. UAG says they have cooling vents on the case to facilitate airflow, but it’s still something to be mindful of.

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  1. Unfortunately won’t do a damn thing about temperature or vibration. Also, it won’t stop the insides from breaking, such as when battery terminals shake lose or chips fall out of the board. If you need a Toughbook — buy a Toughbook.