Here’s How To Change The Spotify Progress Bar To A Lightsaber

We might not be kidding. With The Force Awakens out and Star Wars clearly not going anywhere anytime soon now that it’s in the hands of Disney, all progress bars may soon be lightsabers. It has happened to Gmail and YouTube, and now Spotify has joined in. Resistance is futile – wait wrong thing.

If you want to lightsaber up your Spotify progress bar, it’s pretty easy. Just search for the Complete Star Wars Soundtracks playlist. Give it a listen, and the switch will happen automatically. The change will persist when you go listen to other non-Star Wars stuff, but if you’re afraid of Star Wars burnout, worry not — the bar goes back to boring once you restart Spotify. While you do have the lightsaber, you can switch between a blue, green, and red glow, depending on your Force leanings.

Now that the movie is out, we’re thinking Star Wars fever might subside, but I don’t know. With the regular movie release schedule, plus side features, this magic Millennium Falcon ride might not be ending anytime soon.

Via Tech Radar