Mophie Juice Pack Reserve iPhone 6/6s Case Review

One thing we can all use is a few more hours of use from our phones before having to recharge. Until someone designs a bigger battery that can fit into our increasingly thin phones, Mophie Juice Pack cases continue to be useful solutions to our battery woes. Unfortunately, these external battery pack cases can sometimes add too much bulk to your phone. That’s why the new Juice Pack Reserve case is so cool! It’s a beautifully slim way to add more life to your phone.

For a battery case, it’s surprising how thin it is. It’s actually thinner and lighter than the average protective case. Of course, they have sacrificed some power to pull this off. The larger model (Juice Pack Plus) has a 3,300 mAh battery, with 120% of a full iPhone 6 charge. The Juice Pack Reserve only has a 1,840 mAh battery, with 60% of a full iPhone 6 charge. It is also 1.25 oz lighter and 0.1″ thinner. On average, you should get six more hours of use out of your phone with the Juice Pack Reserve, which should be enough to get you through the day — if so, why add more bulk to your phone with a bigger battery pack?

The design offers all the features that you’d expect in a quality case. The bevel is raised around the screen so you can lay your phone on its face without scratching the display. The power and volume controls are covered, but can still be easily pressed. The mute switch has a large enough opening to make it easy to reach. The headphone jack is recessed a bit and could be a little tricky to use for headphones with larger connectors. Mophie does sell a headphone extender for $10 that would solve that problem, but it’s a shame they didn’t just include it with the case. Since the speaker is covered up by the base of the case, they have channeled the sound to two speaker openings on the face — a nice touch that may even improve the sound.

The case also offers extra protection during daily use. In addition to the case’s tough exterior, they have placed four small rubber support pads on the inside to cushion your phone to provide a little more protection in case of drops.

Operating the battery backup is super simple. On the back of the case there is a single button. Tapping it briefly shows you the remaining power by illuminating one to four of the case’s LED lights. Holding the button down for two seconds will start charging your phone, it’s as simple as that. When you need to recharge the case, plug it into your computer or another USB power source with the included cable. It should be fully charged in two to three hours.


Quite simply I was amazed when I first removed this case from the box, It’s so thin and light! If you are looking for a battery case, this is an excellent choice. You can order it directly from Mophie or from Amazon for $60.

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Good: Amazingly thin and light!

Bad: Headphone extender not included