Regenerate Your Closet With These 18 Doctor Who Dresses

I don’t think we’re saying anything controversial here — Doctor Who has always been about fashion. Doctors one to twelve have all had their own style, and unsurprisingly, that’s provided a gold mine for the fashion-forward in the real world. We’ve seen loads of dresses inspired by Doctor Who fashion choices — even the questionable ones — and we’re ready to share our favorites.



Alright, hear us out. We know that the TARDIS has been done to death (and no, this won’t be its last appearance on this list), but we really love the subtle details on this corset-style dress, like the gear motif and the tulle underlay. Nice shade of blue, too. It’s a creative take on a police box that usually gets done by the numbers. This dress is at Hot Topic and is on sale for about $60.

Dalek Strapless Dress


In the world of Doctor Who merch, the Dalek is the one true rival of the TARDIS. We’ve seen loads of Dalek dresses (more to come!), but this one stands out as one of the few strapless options. We like how the flared skirt subtly edges this one toward cosplay territory, but can still be worn as an everyday dress. It’s available from Etsy seller smarmyclothes for $155.

Ninth Doctor Dress


The dress itself doesn’t blow us away, but it’s nice to see the oft-forgotten Eccleston Doctor get a nod. But, I guess he wasn’t the most dapper of the regenerations, so there’s only so much to work with here. This dress is on sale at Her Universe for $25.

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