Star Wars Passes Jurassic World for Biggest Global Opening Ever

It’s a record that seems to get broken with some frequency now — the title of biggest global opening ever now goes to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which edged past another comeback film, Jurassic World, which was just released in May of this year.

The Force Awakens took in $529 million during its opening weekend, just enough to beat the $525 million opening of Jurassic World. It doesn’t look like that means raptors and Stormtroopers are on the same level, though — The Force Awakens made significantly more money domestically, bringing in $248 million to $209 million for Jurassic World. The Force Awakens managed to break the global record without an opening in China, where the movie comes out on January 9, after a premiere on December 27.

So, why does all this matter? I guess it doesn’t, but on the other hand, it did open the door for the production team of Jurassic World to congratulate their counterparts who worked on The Force Awakens, which brought us this picture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex using its tiny dinosaur arms to put a medal on BB-8. That makes us all winners.