Monster and Bentley Team Up for a Rare Limited Run of the Mulliner Continental GT V8 S

Audio giant Monster has partnered with legendary luxury vehicle behemoth Bentley to create a rare, limited edition of the Monster bespoke Mulliner Continental GT V8 S by Bentley. Rare by design, so don’t expect to see them very often on the road. Shown off in all its glory at CES today, this vehicle is in a class of its own.


The Mulliner line by Bentley produces extremely limited edition runs of bespoke vehicles to be owned by an elite few. The Monster edition highlights the brand’s bold ethos with “Always Lead, Never Follow” embroidered into the headrests and was designed to appeal to elite athletes and music industry titans — nothing about this car says timid. Coming in a monstrous looking black and trimmed with a signature Monster logo-inspired red laser-etched fascia panel, the result is a delightfully intimidating vehicular presence. Hotspur Continental GT v8 S Beluga hide, Onyx exterior Piano black finish, red brake calipers, gloss black polished wheel all go far to give this Bentley a true Monster look.


True to Monster’s audio-first form, the Monster by Mulliner Continental GT V8 S sports a one-of-a-kind custom sound system with 16 hand-selected Monster speakers personally tuned by Monster CEO Noel Lee to deliver a crisp 3,400 watt sound. And for added bling, there is a special compartment for a 24K Gold wireless set of headphones just for the owner of this gorgeous car. See Bentley for more details.