Massive NES Controller Is Totally Impractical, But You’ll Want One Anyway

Coffee table-sized functional NES controllers have been around perhaps not as long as the NES itself, but for a pretty good while nonetheless. What we haven’t had are hybrid NES/SNES controllers that work over a Bluetooth connection with one of many of those old-school mashup consoles for people whose original consoles fell victim to Father Time. 8Bitdo decided to do a little showing off at CES 2016 by giving us just that.

8Bitdo, which makes their fair share of combination old-school consoles and controllers, had this three-foot long controller set up with the original Super Mario Bros on the show floor last week and were inviting anyone and everyone to see how far they could actually get using a controller the size of an arcade counter. Generally, this amounted to not very far — seeing someone drop down into World 1-2 was a rare sight.

The controller itself adopts the NES look, but adds the X, Y, L, and R buttons of the SNES controller, which means 8bitdo could have and should have set up another controller station with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. I’m sure they regret the error.

The booth setup was also there to show off 8bitdo’s affinity for Bluetooth connectivity — many of their consoles and controllers have wireless functionality, which is the best part of modern controllers, really. The jumbo-sized controller isn’t for sale, but some effort almost certainly will get you somewhere close — there’s actually a DIY guide on how to build your own working NES controller coffee table for $100.