Bozon is the Most Adorable Apple Watch Dock Ever

We’re not even sure if this Apple Watch Dock was meant to be cute in the first place, but it’s seriously adorable. But, as it turns out, this little three-legged robot looking fella has more than just charm going for it.

The ActionProof Bozon is made from silicone, and that three-legged design has purpose. It’s one of the few docks really designed to hold the Watch securely in both horizontal and vertical orientations. I guess that’s not a game-changer for something that just holds your Watch while it charges every night, but more choice can rarely be a bad thing! There are plenty more great design choices here, too — the screen and the crown can be comfortably accessed in either orientation, and the charging cable can actually be slipped into the stand and threaded through the bottom for a cleaner look on your desktop.

Besides, don’t you just want to pet it? It’ll be a great morning pick-me-up! The Bozon is available now for $40 directly from ActionProof, but it sounds like this little guy doesn’t play nice with link bands (all other bands and both sizes of the Apple Watch should be fine).