Ario Lamp is A Smart Lamp That Syncs To Your Body Clock

Sometimes, smart lighting can be a bit of a misnomer. We like products like Philips hue, but they’re not exactly smart — they’re connected, but they don’t really do much by themselves outside of what you program them to do. The Ario Lamp wants to be more than just a connected light, and with the ability to adjust light levels and intensity autonomously, it might just succeed.

While most smart lights emphasize control, Ario sees no need for it. Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, the lamp will sync up with whatever time zone you’re in, then keep track of time by itself — if the Wi-Fi cuts out, the lamp will keep working as it normally would. Once it’s been set up, the Ario Lamp will glow gently in the morning and in the evening to help with waking and getting to sleep, while using it during the day is said to help with focus.


The lamp uses LED lights, so it can change lighting levels and colors subtly over the course of the day to reflect outside daylight. That should help your body’s internal clock stay right, while promoting healthy sleep and metabolism. So, it’ll probably be most helpful for those on a regular schedule, but for night owls, it’s not a total loss. Using an app, users can set preferences that the lamp will learn from over time, so after a while it should adjust to suit anyone.

In addition to setting preferences, the app can also be used as a remote control and a sunrise alarm, if you’re really into getting up and at ’em early. It even has a setting that can help ease jet lag once you’ve returned home after a long flight. The app is free, and the Ario Lamp can be preordered directly from Ario for $300. You’ll have to wait a while for real smart lighting, though — the lamps aren’t scheduled to ship until September.