ASAP Dash Battery Pack Charges Up In Just 15 Minutes

It’s pretty tough to make us excited about a battery pack, but the ASAP Dash has managed by fully charging dead phones, ASAP. The 5,000 mAh pack isn’t just pretty robust, it has fast charging capabilities that can intelligently max out charging speeds for all mobile devices, and it’s putting up some impressive numbers.

The ASAP Dash is a 5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery housed in a 13 mm thick anodized aluminum shell that can protect it against drops. It’s the fast charging that’s caught our attention, though. According to the people behind ASAP Dash, the battery pack can expend its entire charge in 15 minutes. The implication is that not only can the ASAP Dash charge a smartphone two to three times over, it can take a smartphone from zero to 100 percent in about five minutes. That’s a rough estimate — the actual numbers will depend on each mobile device’s own battery capacity.


The ASAP Dash will definitely push the limits of battery charging, but it should stay on the safe side. A smart chip inside the unit automatically detects the device being charged to determine the maximum possible rate of charge, while the microcontroller inside automatically shuts down in the event of a voltage overload. The secret ingredient that makes the whole fast charging trick possible is a special circuit board that is supposed to be 92 percent efficient, which is pretty stunning if true. That allows the battery pack to pass on more power with the same amount of power coming through the circuit board as with any other battery pack.

Needless to say, ASAP Dash is making some big promises, and it is launching on Indiegogo, so feel free to be as skeptical as you see fit. We can say that working units of ASAP Dash exist, so this isn’t an example of an idea looking for money to (maybe) become reality. That Indiegogo campaign launches today, with the initial early bird price of ASAP Dash put at $60.