Are Baby Gadgets The Next Hot Category In Tech?

No one’s too young for some good connected tech! CES 2016 had plenty of gadgets to help parents keep their babies healthy and happy, and Julia Wang from The Bump was on the show floor this year to find the best of the best. She talked with Rebecca Levey of MommyTech TV about the top baby tech this year, and how this market (like babies) is only going to keep growing.


Baby tech has evolved from the simple baby monitor — there are now gadgets that can keep track of a baby’s vital signs and make sure that they’re getting just the right amount and kind of food. For the latter, Gerber has created what many are calling a Keurig for baby formula. Like with K-Cups, formula capsules can be placed inside the BabyNes, which looks like any number of countertop coffee machines. BabyNes will prepare the formula and get the temperature just right, saving parents a little bit of time. It’ll also keep track of feeding times, so parents can get an at-a-glance look at feeding schedules and adjust them as necessary.

Baby safety tech found its way into cribs and cars, too. The Owlet Infant Monitor Sock is a tiny, soft sock that babies can wear comfortably to sleep. That sock will monitor the baby’s breathing, which parents can monitor from a smartphone. It’s meant to protect against SIDs — if the baby suddenly stops breathing, parents will be notified on their phones and a separate base station will ring and flash. In the car, the Evenflo SensorSafe car seat can connect to cars to sound an alarm when the car has been turned off, but a baby is still strapped into the car seat. It was released last summer, after a spate of stories in recent years about babies being left in hot cars.

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