HTC And Under Armour’s UA Healthbox Packs In Three Big Fitness Products

Under Armour, purveyor of all things fitness, has teamed up with HTC for a powerhouse box of fitness products. In this box you can expect a UA Band, UA Heart Rate, and UA Scale that will connect with the UA Record app to provide metrics to help you improve your health.


The UA Band is an all-day, every day band that tracks everything it can from a wrist, like sleep, activity, and workouts. The band looks like a simple black band with a red moisture-wicking interior when not in use because the LED info sits inconspicuously slightly below the outer layer. The advanced workout mode will leave that display on the entire time you workout. This band pairs with the heart rate tracker.


The UA Heart Rate strap sits on your chest with a micro-snap closure that is supposed to make it not noticeable at all. Being this close to the source, the heart rate data is very accurate and thus calories burned is also very accurate. The UA Record app lets you set personalized heart rate zones to reach for.


Finally, the UA Scale does exactly what you’d expect it to. It uses a sheet of glass with advanced conductive paint tech that expertly reads not only your weight, but body fat percentages as well. Its circular design is fairly unusual. There is a hidden LED display that turns off when not in use. It can support up to eight users and syncs with the UA Record app so you can view trends in your own weight changes.

The entire box will run you $400, but these items can also be bought individually. Look for the UA Healthbox at Under Armour, with preorders starting today.