4-Inch iPhone is Coming, Rumored to be Called the iPhone 5se

Looks like we might have been too presumptive after all — the 4″ phone Apple is said to be preparing for a spring launch might go back a number. The latest rumors from 9to5Mac suggest that the upcoming phone will be called the iPhone 5se, as Apple takes a new approach to offering a somewhat risky product, for them — another budget phone.

The new angle, if the rumors turn out to be true, is clever. Instead of offering something overtly budget like the iPhone 5c, Apple is instead dressing up an older phone to market as something new and desirable. Funny enough, the newer rumors suggest the new 4″ phone won’t be as powerful as was previously predicted — instead of the A9/M9 chips found in the iPhone 6s, the new reports say that Apple will use the A8/M8 chips found in the iPhone 6. The new report also says the old screen will be used, instead of the newer Force Touch-sensitive 2.5D glass. The body, on the other hand, is said to look more like the iPhone 6 series than the iPhone 5 series, using curved edges.

The phone will be targeted at those who have been hesitant to upgrade to the iPhone 6 series because of its larger size, but Apple might face an uphill battle with the 5se. Although it wouldn’t have the cheap appearance of the plastic 5c, it still goes against what’s usually driven Apple’s sales — the desire to have the very best. Even something as minor as moving back a number could be enough to spell trouble for the 5se from a marketing perspective, while Apple users holding out for another 4″ phone may be disappointed that they’ll be getting 2014’s leftovers. It might all depend on how difficult it is to escape Apple’s ecosystem — an insurmountable inconvenience for many. Chances are we’ll find out for sure within a few months.

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