Knomo’s Drop & Go Is an Ultra-Fast Battery Charging Pocket

When we saw that Knomo would be at CES 2016 with new bags, we knew they wouldn’t disappoint. With a history of tech-friendly, fashion-forward handbags and backpacks, Knomo knows how to make the tech lifestyle more convenient and stylish, and that doesn’t change with the Drop & Go, a new pocket that will soon be found in many of their bags.


The Drop & Go Pocket is designed for use with the iPhone and uses a magnetic charging system that ends up being more efficient than the inductive wireless charging we’ve become used to. When you drop an iPhone into a Drop & Go Pocket, the magnetic charger will automatically lock it into place, so it’s also a no-fuss way of keeping your iPhone charged throughout the day.

Granted, how well it will be able to do that depends on the size of the external battery pack. That’s sure to vary by bag, so we’ll keep an eye on Knomo in 2016 to see how they implement the Drop & Go Pocket. The Drop & Go Bag that Knomo is showing off at CES this year (pictured above) has a 5,000 mAh battery, which is good for about two to three smartphone charges.