LG’s Styler Is Perfect For Those Who Hate Ironing

LG showed off a lot of cool, innovative ideas at CES 2016, including their rollable display, but we haven’t forgotten about their appliances! They might not have the pop of a paper-thin display, but LG’s appliances are making life easier for families everywhere. LG kept up the good work at CES 2016, and Dave VanderWaal of LG was back with MommyTech TV to tell Andrea Smith all about it.


This year, LG was displaying their TwinWash washing machines from last year, which allow for two loads of laundry to be done at once — even at different water temperatures — thanks to a second drum stashed away in the bottom of the unit. LG is now expanding their laundry appliances with the Styler, which came out late last year. The Styler is a quick fix for anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to iron — it’s a steam closet that can help remove wrinkles and freshen up clothes that have been worn once or twice since the last wash. It’s not a complete replacement for dry cleaning, but as a quick fix for busy families, it could come in handy.

LG wants to make appliances look better, too. This year, they’re introducing appliances for laundry and the kitchen that come in black stainless steel. The end result is a gunmetal finish that should look terrific in modern homes.

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