LG’s New Signature Refrigerator Has a Viewing Window and Auto-Open Doors

“Shut the door!” How many times have moms and dads everywhere said this to their kids while they were daydreaming with the fridge door open? With energy conservation more relevant than ever, LG’s new signature fridge lets you take a peek inside the fridge without wasting energy. Just walk up and knock on the window panel to see the contents illuminated. It also has a self-opening door activated by your foot in case your arms are full with a baby, groceries, or bottles of wine.

LG’s Signature Refrigerator has FreshGuard walls made of a full stainless steel inner cavity and duct to prevent cool air from seeping out. If you are a midnight snacker, the shelves light up due to the Lumishelf feature. Perhaps in its most brilliant touch, there is an auto open feature you can activate with your foot. A little sensor will project a holograph and then open the door for you so you don’t drop any groceries. And being a smart fridge, it knows the difference between your foot and furry Fido, so no pets will be harmed with sudden opening of fridge doors.

We may not have real hoverboards yet, but at least we have self-opening fridge doors. It’s about time. Check out LG for coming release and pricing details for LG’s new Signature Refrigerator.