Unlike Casper, Luma Lets You Customize the Feel of Your Mattress

The direct-to-consumer online mattress has been a great development. If you’re moving and need a new bed, you can now grab a relatively cheap mattress online and have it delivered rolled up in a box. They’re simple and, thanks to Casper, Endy, and Leesa, there’s a wide range of firmness levels on the market. Brooklyn Bedding improved on that by offering multiple firmness levels on their mattresses, but sleep satisfaction looks like it’s going to take yet another step forward with the Luma Slumber System. Not only can you specify firmness levels, you can change your mind afterwards — without having to send the whole mattress back.

The construction of a Luma mattress is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing. Instead of a thick support foam layer topped by a memory foam layer plus a top level of some temperature control solution, the Luma mattress has a 3″ layer of fabric-wrapped coils topped by a 1″ layer of memory foam. That support layer consists of thousands of coils, with variations in height and diameter to make sure your spine is aligned properly during sleep. The thin foam layer is there to absorb some of the springiness from the coils.

On top of that 4″ support layer is a 3″ comfort layer made of Talalay latex, and this is where the customization part comes in. This layer comes in plush, medium, and firm, depending on the density of the latex. The latex itself helps to keep the sleeper cool during the night. If the firmness level doesn’t quite suit, the comfort layer can be sent back separately and Luma will send over a different comfort layer, no questions asked. It’s the only direct-to-consumer mattress we know of that can be customized after purchase like this.

Despite the coiled construction of the support layer, the Luma mattress still comes rolled up and in a box like other direct-to-consumer mattresses. The only difference is that you’ll get two boxes delivered, with the support layer and comfort layer shipping separately.

The Luma Slumber System also includes two latex pillows and a fabric mattress protector with the purchase, so while the price is higher than what Casper, Endy, Leesa, or Brooklyn Bedding are charging, you are getting a little more for the money. It’s a much different offering than those four in construction, too — not only because of the coils in the support layer, but because it’s a few inches thinner than most of those competing mattresses, too. If none of the other direct-to-consumer companies are offering exactly what you’re looking for, Luma just might suit better. Their Slumber Systems range from $1,200 to $1,800.

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