Maroo’s GEM and ICE Earphones for Women Bring the Bling


It’s about time earphones got the Tiffany treatment. While it may not be real ice, Maroo’s GEM and ICE earphone collections for women glimmer all the same.

These in-ear headphones not only glitter with feminine appeal, but they also are built especially to fit our ears. There are five selected sizes to choose from with single and double flange tip options for unobstructed clear sound. They also come with an in-line mic with button controls for taking calls and navigating music. Using the mic remote, you can activate Siri, Google Now, or Cortana.

You’d be surprised at the audio quality these little things offer with crisp highs and bellowing lows from 6 mm tuned and ported drivers and a surprisingly wide 20Hz-20kHz frequency range. The almost four-foot cord is a soft-touch cord that comes with a carrying case.


The Gem Collection’s earphones have an electroplated housing paired with a prominent glass diamond gem that sparkles in light. They come in four colors (titanium, sapphire, white rose, and amber) and cost $80.


The Ice Collection’s earphones are elegantly lined with crystals on an electroplated housing. They come in four colors (midnight, midnight rose, Tiffany, and scarlet) for $80.

Both collections can be found directly from Maroo.