Matt Groening May Be Working On a New Animated Series for Netflix

Now that Netflix has established itself as a major player in original content, they’re going full speed ahead. They’ve decided to order even more new original series in the quest to become the television channel of the future, and it looks like one of those series might come from Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening, according to some admittedly vague reports.

There aren’t any details to report outside of Groening working with Netflix on something animated, which is what both Variety and Deadline are reporting. There aren’t even any mentions of sources, anonymous or otherwise, so we’re at a loss as to how much stock to put in this again. Then again, both Variety and Deadline are pretty well plugged in to the entertainment industry — it’s probably safe to say they’re not starved for real information from Hollywood.

Neither Netflix nor Groening have commented on the reports, but we figure we’ll hear more about it sooner or later. With the second run of Futurama a few years gone and The Simpsons in pretty capable hands after 26 seasons, it sounds like Groening could be open for a new project. If it’s true, we can’t wait to see what else Groening’s had rattling in his brain over the years.