MommyTech TV Talks The Hottest Trends At CES 2016

CES 2016 is behind us, and the world’s largest tech tradeshow was bigger than ever this year, with more gadgets and ideas than any one person could possibly cover. Good thing we have four! MommyTech TV returned to Vegas for this year’s CES, with hosts Andrea Smith and Rebecca Levey joined by Judie Stanford of Gear Diary and our very own Helena Stone to talk about the latest and greatest coming to the world of tech in 2016.

Turns out, family tech is becoming less a category and more a feature set that we’re seeing in more and more gadgets — like, say, the literal helicopter parenting made possible by new and increasingly affordable drones with high-definition cameras attached. An extreme example, but some products are a little more down to Earth. In the world of health tech, Withings created the Thermo, an awesome new thermometer that should make home care a lot easier for anyone with small children. The Thermo can take a person’s temperature just by being held to the temple — no squirming, no discomfort involved.

Educational toys are changing, too — Rebecca took a look at the wonderfully-named Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar from Fisher-Price, a caterpillar made up of electronic blocks that teach preschoolers the fundamentals of programming. Never too young to start!

But, if you want parental peace of mind, one of the best gadgets at the show was Oliba. Oliba is a soft tracker that helps parents and kids keep track of where their teddy bear (or beloved toy of choice) is — because a lost teddy isn’t a good time for anyone involved. With cool features like a speaker and an app that allow parents and grandparents to record themselves reading bedtime stories for when they can’t be with the kids, Oliba looks like a must-have for families in 2016.

But, this is just the beginning — stay tuned for more from MommyTech TV.

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