Meccanoid Isn’t Just a Robot, It’s a Robotic Dinosaur

Last year, Spinmaster showed MommyTech TV one of the coolest toys at CES in Meccanoid, a robot built from an Erector set and a simple robotic brain. Not only were kids able to get acquainted with building and programming, they got a singing, dancing robot buddy for their troubles. Spinmaster returned to CES 2016 with a new and improved version of Meccanoid, but this time, they had their sights set on the past.

Like, the distant past. Millions of years ago past — Spinmaster’s newest robot companion is a robotic dinosaur that might not have the jokes of Meccanoid, but has all the personality. Tara Tucker of Spinmaster introduced Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV to the robotic reptile, and he’s an unpredictable one. He reacts well to petting (thanks to gesture recognition), like any lovable dinosaur pet would, but he’s all business with those tiny dinosaur arms once he gets put into attack mode. More importantly, this guy still gives both kids and parents the same fun of building and playing with a robot together.

Spinmaster is also coming out with a new Air Hogs quadcopter that’s more than just a remote control flyer. Using an app, kids can play augmented reality games with their new drone, defending their home from a (probably?) alien assault. Like a lot of drones, this one is made of styrofoam with recessed rotors, making it safe for kids of all ages.

Spinmaster’s latest and greatest will likely hit store shelves in the fall, meaning there are going to be plenty of really lucky kids come holiday season 2016.

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