Now You Can Use Siri to Control Your Shades

In 2014, Lutron introduced their Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge, a smart home device that could be used with their range of on/off and dimmer switches to give people control over any kind of light bulb from an app. Last year, they brought Siri into the fold with HomeKit integration, support that is being expanded at CES 2016 with the announcement that with their devices, you’ll now be able to control shades and blinds with Siri.

Which shades you’ll be able to control depends on what kind of Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge you have — unfortunately, making shades smart isn’t as simple as adding a smart switch to the wall. Owners of the regular Smart Bridge can use it with Serena battery-powered shades, while owners of the Smart Bridge Pro can also use Lutron’s own Sivoia QS Triathlon wireless shades, Sivoia QS drapery tracks, or the Kirbé vertical drapery system, tensioned shades, pleated shades and Roman shades. Lutron is announcing this week that shade control now works with HomeKit, meaning you can use Siri voice commands to open or close blinds and shades.

For the system to work, you’ll need the appropriate blinds or shades (from Serena or Lutron), the Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge, and an iOS device (or Apple Watch) with HomeKit and the Lutron app installed.