V-Moda Zn In-Ear Monitors Review – The Audiophile’s Workout Headphones


In general, it’s hard to fault the Zn in-ear monitors too much. While they ended up being too bass-heavy for me at times, they blew away most other in-ear headphones I’ve tried before, and, as promised, were competitive with some mid-range headphones that I’ve tried. The soundstage is wider than one would think possible for a pair of earphones, and the fact that they’re suitable for exercise is a terrific bonus.

Unsurprisingly, they’re pretty pricey at $180. I think V-Moda has made a decent case for value here, though. Usually, earphones are bought cheaply because they aren’t expected to last — the Kevlar-coated cable and the liquid zinc alloy casing should go a long way in making these last for several years with appropriate care. The sound quality is indeed far beyond the average pair of earphones, but V-Moda really rounds out the value proposition with a two-year warranty and a 60-day trial period. That trial period is a terrific offer for anyone on the fence about trying out V-Moda sound. For dedicated V-Moda fans, the Zn in-ear monitors are covered by their Immortal Life program, in this case meaning you can trade in an old pair of V-Moda earphones and get 50 percent off these — and at $90, the Zn in-ear monitors become a no-brainer.

The V-Moda Zn in-ear monitors are perfect for audiophiles in need of good exercise earphones.

The V-Moda Zn in-ear monitors can be purchased directly from V-Moda or on Amazon for $180 in one-button mic or three-button mic models.

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The Good: Get very loud, very little distortion, terrific soundstage for earphones, durable, good for running when used with detachable earhooks, block out considerable amount of background noise, customer-friendly trial and discount programs

The Bad: Bass occasionally too strong, vocals can become a little muted


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