25 Disney Characters Drawn Anime Style

Ever wonder what would happen if east met west in the world of Disney? These artists did, drawing some of your favorite Disney characters in anime or manga style. Enjoy the skill on display — we’ll be over here hoping anime adaptations of Disney movies somehow become a thing.


Image by Kurabayashi Matoni/via e-shuhhshuu.net

Artist Kurabayashi Matoni gives us a fresh-faced Aurora in an older, Sailor Moon kind of style. We should all look so good after waking up from a nap!


Image by 。Y。/pixiv

This is a great reinterpretation of the scene when Rapunzel sees the light — artist 。Y。 does a great job capturing the emotion of the scene through a different lens.


Image by princekido/DeviantArt

If any Disney character needed that big-headed, big-eyed chibi treatment, it was Bambi. Artist princekido made this sweet little scene with Bambi and Thumper.


Image by ヒロキ/pixiv

Maleficent gets the manga treatment in this black and white drawing by ヒロキ. Hey, she doesn’t look all that bad — maybe this is from the manga adaptation (of our dreams) of the new, more symathetic Maleficent movie.

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  1. ‘We love how Ursula’s dress flows out to become the tentacles’. Um… that’s exactly what it does in the actual film. Also… why did the artist on that one feel the need to slim her down? The picture is great, but that one just isn’t Ursula – a lot of her character comes from her appearance.