25 Disney Characters Drawn Anime Style

Anna and Elsa

Image by sdPink/DeviantArt

Anna, Elsa, and even Olaf finally get to see what this summer thing is all about in this cute piece by sdPink. Olaf is either elated or deeply engaged in philosophical rumination on his choice of ice cream cone.


Image by psocid/DeviantArt

Anime Tiana gets an appropriate froggy companion in this piece by psocid. We can’t think of a frog more kissable than Hello Kitty’s Sanrio buddy, Keroppi!


Image by Aruella and Pemiin/DeviantArt

This great big-eyed version of Cinderella is the result of a collaboration between artists Aruella and Pemiin. None of Cinderella’s charm is lost!

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  1. ‘We love how Ursula’s dress flows out to become the tentacles’. Um… that’s exactly what it does in the actual film. Also… why did the artist on that one feel the need to slim her down? The picture is great, but that one just isn’t Ursula – a lot of her character comes from her appearance.