Barbie Flippin’ Fun Gymnast Performs Her Own Acrobatics

Barbie can and does do everything. This has been established, and we don’t need to belabor the point. The important part is which skills she decides to show us every year, and it looks like in 2016, one of those skills is going to be passing down skills to the next generation. In other words, meet Coach Barbie.

Coach Barbie is part of the Flippin’ Fun Gymnast set, and like any good coach, she doesn’t upstage her student. The young gymnast takes the spotlight in this playset, thanks to a magnetic pad and a spring-loaded beam that shoots her up into the air. Barbie’s clearly taught her protege well, because she sticks the landing every time. There’s even a little trophy you can give her for all her hard work!

The fact the Summer Olympics are this summer probably didn’t escape anyone at Mattel last year. Like the new presidential candidate Barbie set, the Flippin’ Fun Gymnast seems pretty timely as the world gets ready to see some of its finest athletes go for the gold in Rio. Unfortunately, Barbie Flippin’ Fun Gymnast won’t be available until this fall, for $30. Looks like she’ll miss out this time, but we’re sure Barbie’s student will be in the mix for Tokyo 2020.