Brita’s Smart Water Pitcher Orders Its Own Replacement Filters

Now that Brita has gotten the home water filtration thing down, there’s not much left for them to improve on besides maybe not having so many of those (admittedly safe) carbon flakes getting through the filter. So, that’s it right? They can just kick back, keep selling replacement filters, and call it a day.

Nope, because they don’t have a connected filter yet, and no self-respecting home appliance should be lacking in connectivity in 2016! Brita has partnered with Amazon for the new Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher. It looks a bit like a carafe and holds eight cups of water, but still uses Brita’s regular old filters — so where does the smart part come in?

Well, the partnership goes beyond Amazon helping to sell the filters. You might remember the Amazon Dash button as the one thing announced on April Fool’s Day last year that was actually real. The little physical buttons can be put around the house and pressed to order a new batch of household goods, like laundry detergent or toilet paper. The Infinity Filter uses the Dash platform, but there’s no physical button involved. Instead, the filter has Wi-Fi connectivity and sensors that indicate when a filter has nearly reached the end of its lifespan. Once that happens, the filter will automatically order a replacement from Amazon.

So, it’s a Brita filter for people who don’t want to be bothered with remembering to go out and buy replacement filters. To be fair, that probably describes most of us with Brita filters, so kudos to Amazon and Brita for a pretty solid idea. The Brita Infinity Smart Water Filter is available now on Amazon for $45.