If Disney Princesses Had Instagram Accounts

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… forget the fairest! Who is the selfiest of them all? I’ve often daydreamed about how interesting Instagram would be with the Disney Princesses to follow — luckily, we no longer have to imagine! Artists Simona Bonafini and Belinda Tan put together a realistic, magical glimpse into our favorite princesses and company on Instagram. Who would be the first princess you would follow?


Image by Simona Bonafini

The castles, the beasts, the monstrous princes — all similarities between Game of Thrones and Belle’s own story! The responses from Gaston, The Beast, and Lumiere are quite clever and on point. The only thing that doesn’t quite match up is a happy ending! #stopreadingnow #notsofairytaleending


Image by Belinda Tan

Bringing a whole new level of excitement to Wednesdays, behold Cinderella’s gorgeous, pink ballgown! That’s one fancy outfit of the day! #onwednesdayswewearpink #ootd


Image by Simona Bonafini

Could you imagine Rapunzel without her long, flowing mane? And as a brunette too?! Talk about a cut and color! #disneyprincesshair #stylishlyshort


Image by Simona Bonafini

Hercu-hunk! Hercules’ progress pic really shows off that incredible bod. You can really tell he pumps iron when he’s not preoccupied with taking selfies. Lookout, villains! #washboardabs #heliftsbro

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