RC Hoverboard Barbie Flies on a Real Hoverboard

Ugh, of course Barbie would get a real, honest hoverboard before the rest of us. Here at the New York Toy Fair, Mattel is demonstrating the Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard, and no, there are absolutely no wheels involved.


You can see from the video what the deal is — Barbie’s basically hitching a ride on one of those massively popular remote controlled quadcopter drones, appropriately decorated. The pink and baby blue-lined foam quadcopter can ferry Barbie around, hoverboard style, so you and your kids will have to weigh the amount of fun to be had against the intolerable jealousy this Barbie is going to make you feel.


Sometimes drones can be a little tricky to fly, but it looks like Mattel has nailed making this kid-friendly. Included with Barbie and her hoverboard is a remote control with four directional buttons for forward, back, left, and right. Instead of tilting to adjust elevation (which makes sense in theory but requires a good amount of practice to get used to), this remote has a simple slider bar to move the hoverboard up and down. There are also instant land and take-off buttons, along with three preset stunts that Barbie can pull off in midair. Again, cue the jealousy.

So, to recap, Barbie gets a sweet hoverboard with no wheels and that will (probably, we’re pretty sure) not burst into flames during use. She just has it too good right now. Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard will take flight sometime this fall for $60, and is suggested for kids eight and up. For us, we’re going to go ahead and interpret the ‘up’ part very liberally.

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  1. Can she be switched out for an X-men action figure?

    Is there a Silver Surfer version – because MEN would buy that one.