Homer Simpson Gets the Making a Murderer Treatment

Netflix’ Making a Murderer documentary series is the latest hit in the admittedly off-putting but seemingly irresistible true crime genre. The series follows the story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who was exonerated 18 years after being wrongly convicted of sexual assault, all to be accused of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison two years after being freed. It’s packaged as entertainment, which is a little uncomfortable seeing as how there are still-grieving families and friends who are now having their stories made very public. What I’m saying is, we can feel a lot less bad when it’s Homer Simpson at the heart of the story.

The amazing thing about The Simpsons is that after 27 seasons, you can find enough scenes to create pretty much any Simpsons-themed remix you can imagine. In this one, we get a two-and-a-half-minute synopsis of the harrowing story of Homer being falsely accused of Mr. Burns’ murder, getting his freedom, then being sent away for the murder of Myrna Bellamy. There’s also the requisite bits of police incompetence from Chief Wiggum. The best part is that this isn’t even a mashup of scenes carefully chosen just to get the dialogue right, with some material from Making a Murderer folded in. Pretty much everything in the remix actually did happen in The Simpsons, and Vulture just made a supercut of it.


In fact, the use of Myrna Bellamy is particularly awesome because after Homer was sentenced to death for her murder, it was revealed that the whole thing was a setup for a twisted reality TV show. As always, The Simpsons was way ahead of the game.

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