Kolibree Smart Toothbrush Adds Games to Encourage Kids To Keep Brushing

Brushing teeth is a couple of boring minutes that kids would rather spend doing pretty much anything else. So, how do you get kids to look after themselves properly? Like anything else when it comes to getting kids to do things they don’t want to do — turn it into a game! MommyTech TV’s Andrea Smith talked to Marcia Simon of Kolibree to find out how they’re making brushing fun for all ages.

Kolibree is a connected toothbrush that works with an app and a game. The electric toothbrush connects to an app available for iOS and Android that helps parents keep track of their children’s brushing habits and lets them send reminders through email to make sure kids don’t forget (or “forget”) to brush their teeth. For the kids, there’s a game within the app called Go Pirate controlled by the toothbrush itself — the more they brush, the better they do in the game.

No need to worry too much about over-brushing, though. While you’ll want to make sure your kids don’t get too into the game, Kolibree is easy on teeth and gums. It’s a sonic toothbrush that uses vibrations and pulses to clean, so it won’t contribute to erosion of enamel and the gums if your kids tend to brush too hard with ordinary toothbrushes. And, for kids with braces, Kolibree is also selling an orthodontic brush head to make sure those areas around the brackets stay clean.

If pirates don’t do it for your kids, four new games will be added to the Kolibree app this year, including one with the Rabbids from Ubisoft’s Rayman series. For older kids, a zombie game will also be released — better those undead start rotting than your kids’ teeth!

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