SanDisk Shows Off World’s Fast Fastest MicroSD Card

Last year, a company called Microdia promised a microSD card with a 300 MB/s transfer speed, which would have made it the fastest card on the market by far. Well, it looks like they didn’t deliver, so that fastest title was up for grabs again. Not anymore, with SanDisk, a company known for delivering, showing off their Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-II card at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Last year at MWC, SanDisk impressed with size, giving us the first 200 GB microSDXC card. This year, they’re all about speed. The Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-II card is capable of transfer speeds up to 275 MB/s, compared to 90 MB/s on their 200 GB card released last year. It’s important to note that those are read speeds — that number determines how fast you can transfer video and pictures from your card to a PC, or how fast your mobile device can read and play back what you’ve recorded. Write speeds will be lower, as they always are, and that’s the most important number for people using GoPro cameras to take 4k video. We imagine the write speeds will blow everything else on the market out of the water, too, but we’d have to put it to the test to say for sure.

All that aside, it’s pretty safe to say that if you’re taking 4k video on a GoPro, this card will be more than sufficient. This is a Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 3 card, which easily puts it in the upper echelon of microSDXC cards. Here’s more good news for action cam owners — this card is shcokproof, resistant to extreme temperatures, waterproof, and safe to take through X-ray machines. Whatever adventures you get up to, this card will be able to survive them.

The only bit of bad news is that these aren’t quite as big as the cards released last year. Still, at 64 GB and 128 GB, they should provide enough space for a vacation’s worth of pictures and 1080p or 4k videos. At the very least, they’ll last the day, and you know you won’t have to wait too long to transfer content with that 275 MB/s transfer speed. Those cards will be available in Q2 for $180 and $300, as long as SanDisk delivers (we have a feeling they will).