SqueakNSnap Tricks Your Dog Into Smiling For The Camera

If you’ve ever gotten a family photo taken by a professional and had an uncooperative toddler in tow, you’ve surely experienced the squeaky toy/cute stuffed animal method of getting kids to make eye contact with the camera, if only for a second. That most advanced of camera technologies is finally trickling down to the rest of us. SqueakNSnap is a tiny stuffed bear that can help capture fleeting attention spans on your phone.

The bear is attached to a 3.5 mm jack that goes into the headphone port on your phone. Once there, it’s pretty easy to use — just give the bear a squeeze, and it’ll make a sound and take a picture at the same time. That all happens instantaneously, so this is going to be more for semi-candid shots, although with young ones and pets, I guess there isn’t any other kind.

It’s that immediacy that really gives SqueakNSnap its value. You could easily use any number of squeaky toys or stuffed animals laying around the house to get attention, but you’d have to hold that in one hand while trying to take a smartphone picture with one hand, which almost never turns out well unless it’s a selfie. This way, you’ve got everything you need attached to the phone and ready to capture a picture with one squeeze. Besides, you don’t want even a second’s worth of time passing between squeezing and taking the picture, because kid and pet interest in your pictures declines exponentially over the course of, oh, say a minute.

SqueakNSnap is available now at a discount for $15, with a regular price of $20.