The Flash is Getting a Crossover Episode On Supergirl

Before a single episode of Supergirl ever aired, there was speculation that she would eventually have crossover adventures with The Flash and Arrow, despite those shows being on different networks. A lot of people who were involved in those two shows on the CW came on to help get Supergirl off the ground, and that was enough to get fingers crossed. Well, we all know superheroes haven’t really arrived until they team up with other superheroes, so we’re happy to know Supergirl is arriving very soon — a crossover episode with the Flash is coming in March.

The episode will be a one-way crossover, so it’ll be the equivalent of the Flash stopping over for tea. Well, tea and probably foiling someone’s grand interdimensional schemes, I guess. Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, both of whom have worked on The Flash and Arrow and currently (and conveniently) serve as executive producers for both Supergirl and The Flash, were able to make their schedules work with Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen in The Flash. But, it sounds like the more arduous task was getting CBS, the CW, Warner Bros, and DC Comics to all sign off on the crossover — we’re guessing getting the first two to play nice was the hardest part.

The one-off episode will air on March 28, when we’ll find out how the Flash ends up in National City and, more importantly, what the prospects are for future crossovers — after all, once fans have had a little crossover action, they’re not going to stop clamoring for more.


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