TextNow Is Selling the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for Just $299

TextNow, one of our favorite prepaid phone carriers, just got a little more attractive for anyone who wants to pair a premium smartphone with a dirt-cheap monthly plan. As of this week, they’re carrying the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and they even have the device itself for far cheaper than what you’ll find elsewhere — for the time being, anyway.

You’ll now be able to buy a 32 GB Galaxy S6 Edge with a TextNow plan for $300 unlocked, which is a pretty stunning price for one of last year’s top-rated premium smartphones. Considering that you can get 1 GB of 3G/4G data and unlimited everything else for $27 per month from TextNow, that combination is looking like one of the best mobile deals on the market right now. And, if you’re not down with the Edge displays, TextNow has also had the S6 for some time, selling for $250.

Granted, we all know the not-so-secret reason this is happening now — the launch of the Galaxy S7 lineup is almost guaranteed to happen in the next few weeks. But, new smartphones only ever have incremental improvements these days, and it’s unlikely that the S7 Edge will be so amazing as to make the S6 Edge worthless in comparison. The S6 Edge is still going to be a quality smartphone for at least the next couple of years, and being able to get it at $300 still seems like an awesome deal.

Right now, $300 is about $200 less than you’ll find anywhere else for the S6 Edge. That will almost certainly change once the S7 lineup becomes official, when the S6 lineup will likely get price cuts across the board. Still, we’re not sure if anyone’s going to go down as low as $300 — it’s early, but it sure seems like this deal could be one of the best of 2016 for budget shoppers who still want a high-end phone.