Move Over Man Bun Braids, Unicorn Hair Is The Next Hot Trend

The ride never ends. We thought we’d hit peak strange for 2016 hairdos with the man braid, but it looks like things are only getting started. Now, we’ve got a brand new trend just for women (although, hey, we’re sure it can transcend gender) — the unicorn horn.

To be clear, we’re not talking about glitter and sparkles and pastel colors here. We already got a faceful of that last year with the glitter beard thing. No, unicorn hair in 2016 means actually giving yourself a unicorn horn made out of hair. I guess you could also call it a reverse ponytail — hair is carefully braided, then made to stick up from the forehead, completing the unicorn look. Are there YouTube tutorials? Come on now.

In all seriousness, credit to anyone who can pull this off, not just for having the confidence to do so, but for having the patience and the skill to actually put the look together. It seems really hard to do! Meanwhile, we’ll be on the lookout for what’s next in the world of 2016 hair. We have a feeling this party is just getting started.

Via Cosmopolitan